Global Illuminators (Gl) is an abbreviation for the international network for scholars of research development, learning, knowledge sharing, innovation and capacity building. This platform brings together scholars from multidisciplinary fields for academic excellence, innovation, human development and research skills building of all scholars from multiple countries across the globe and from different academic disciplines.

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Conference Main Tracks: Physical Life and Applied Sciences | Business , Management and Economics Studies | Regional and Religious Studies | Health and Medicine Studies | Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies | Engineering & Technology Studies | Social Science & Humanities

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The founders of Global Illuminators believe that development and prosperity of the society is based on continuous development of academic institutions and continuous enhancement of research quality through maintaining and promoting higher level of research ethics. Multidisciplinary aspect of the growth and sustainability is repeatedly neglected in the policy and strategic frame of academic research institutions. Global Illuminators aims at conceptual, and theoretical innovation rooted in multiple dimensions of theory and practice:
• Continuous effort for scholarly community development is a fundamental policy attribute for societal development.
• Highlighting the importance of local scholars in developing the local community matters a lot to provide basis for better understanding and promoting innovation and development of society.


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“Our academic and research partners include the research centers, institutes and organizations from broader multidisciplinary areas and universities. We welcome academic research institutions for joint collaboration in knowledge generation and dissemination through our platform”.

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