1. How can I participate in your conference?

    You can participate in our conference as a presenter & as well as attendee (observer). The presenter can be a paper presenter or a poster presenter or both.

  2. What is the procedure to apply?

    a. If you want to participate as a presenter, please submit your manuscript online which will be forwarded to our review committee then you will get your acceptance/rejection decision letter. Upon recommendation of your paper by reviewers, you will be asked to register for the conference.

    b. If you want to participate as an attendee (observer), please send us your full name, research interests and affiliation details via e-mail of the respective conference. We will issue you an official invitation letter & account details will also be provided. Upon confirmation of payment from your side, our staff will send you invoice for payment and confirmation of your registration by email.

  3. What are the various types of submissions that can be made to your conferences?

    Usually authors submit their manuscripts in abstracts/full paper form. We appreciate if it is well written in English Language. You may also submit abstract for your poster presentation.

  4. How do I submit my Manuscript?

    Please submit your manuscript online. Electronic submission substantially reduces processing & reviewing times. For online submission please go to the homepage of the respective conference and click on the “Online Submission” option. In case of unsuccessful submission through online system, kindly submit your manuscript on the respective email address of the conference, which is provided on homepage of every conference.

  5. Where can I find guidelines for Submission?

    Please go to the homepage of the conference you have chosen to participate in, you will find the submission guidelines option in the toggle of that page.

  6.  Which areas will be covered in the conference?

    Conference main tracks include:

     Business, Management and Economic Studies

     Health and Medicine Studies

     Engineering & Technology Studies

     Social Sciences & Humanities

     Physical Life and Applied Sciences

     Regional and Religious Studies

     Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies

  7. In which format shall I submit my manuscript?

    We only accept manuscripts in MS word format.

  8. How long the review process takes for acceptance/ rejection?

    Usually it takes minimum 5 and maximum 15 days in review process, depending upon the response from reviewers.

  9. Shall I get my reviewer’s comments?

    Along with the acceptance letter, you will be provided with detailed reviewer’s report. If you want rigorous review please submit your full paper as soon as possible. so that our reviewers can provide detailed comments. Upon rejection of your paper detailed review will also be provided so that you can improve and re-submit for evaluation.

  10. Can I make improvements in my manuscripts once it has been submitted?

    Yes, you can improve your manuscript according to the comments given by reviewers & send back to us.

  11. What happens after my article has been accepted?

    After your article will be accepted, an official ID is assigned to it. We will issue you an Acceptance letter & provide account information details for payment of registration fee. Please MUST send payment proof to respective conference ID, once the payment is done:- without this your registration will be considered incomplete.

  12. Where can I find Registration fee details?

    Please go to the homepage of the conference you have chosen to participate in and look for registration fee details option.

  13. What is Includes in the Conference Fee?

    Registration fee includes:

    • Conference material &  program
    • Conference bag
    • Certificate of presentation
    • Lunches and coffee breaks
    • Conference proceeding USB
    • Conference proceeding abstract book.
  14. Does the Conference Fee cover the publication fee as well?

    No, conference fee does not cover the journal publication fee.

  15. Is Conference fee Refundable?

    Conference fee is non-refundable.

  16. Is there any option like Skype presentation if I could not attend the conference for presentation?

    We normally provide Skype presentation opportunity to those authors who cannot join for presentation. Their conference material and certificates can be handed over to their colleagues attending conference or can be posted via courier services to the address provided by them.

  17. Registration fee for Skype presenters?

    They are considered normal presenters and they pay fee like normal participants.

  18. My paper was already accepted in the past conference, unfortunately, I was not able to attend.  Can I shift in any of the upcoming conferences?

    Yes, as your paper is already accepted in our conference by our reviewer, so on your consent we can shift your abstract / paper to any of the future events. But you must have to acknowledge the conference to the secretariat, one week before  the event. If you inform in less than one week time it will not be at least shifted and registration fee is not refundable.

  19. What is publication process after the conference?

    Once conference is successfully held and you have presented your paper, the review committee will make a decision about publication of your paper. The selection of article for journal publication is based on relevance, originality and quality of your research. In our associated journals most of the journals publish free of cost. However there are some who charge the fee if your paper is accepted. In such cases the conference secretariat will inform you in advance to seek your consent. Once your written consent by email is received our review committee will proceed for publication.

  20. How much time does it take for publication after the conference?

    Normally it takes 3-6 months after the conference depending on journal’s policy and depending on the author’s response time on given comments by the reviewers.

  21. Once my article is published in any of the conference associated journals. Can I withdraw my publication?

    Please be careful while giving consent for publication and follow the timeline given by conference secretariat. Once you have given written consent to publish and your article is published, you will not be able to withdraw it.

  22. Can I exclude my paper from full paper proceeding publication of the conference?

    Yes! You can exclude, however you have to inform the conference secretariat minimum two weeks before the conference date. If you fail to inform in given period secretariat will have right to include your paper in proceeding.