Purpose of GI Research Clinic:

Welcome to the Global illuminators Research Clinic (GIRC).
GIRC is the central point of contact for research students / scholars who desire to seek research assistant for their research issues in which they are stuck and not finding appropriate guidance from qualified relevant experts. GIRC links students for free consultation to the relevant expert mentors associated voluntarily with GIRC.
Our innovative program incorporates experiential learning, free and easy consultation to research mentors from various domains.

Objectives of GIRC:

Our Main focus is to develop and sustain a network of young scholars conducting high quality research and allow students/scholars to discuss their research with leading specialists, scholars and peers in an international setting. We also focus on the issues faced by master/ PhD students during their dissertation progress.
The GIRC exists to support our members through all stages of research process.

  • To develop and sustain a network of young scholars conducting high quality research.
  • Providing a forum for discussion of key issues of research.
  • Promoting good relations among students and experts/researchers worldwide.
  • To provide know-how in writing project proposal writing, planning and conducting impactful academic research.

Expert Panel:

GIRC is responsible to manage multiple large-scale research network activities, which would often involve multiple expert Scholars interacting with hundreds of students for free and voluntary research mentoring. For close collaborations and precise cooperation GIRC Expert panel consist of scholar experts with variety of background exposure and knowledge domains.

How it works

If you are stuck in any research problem and wish to seek guidance from relevant expert. At GIRC we serve to help you connect with an expert researcher or a research group in your field or in your geographic area (e.g. City, country) to share ideas and relevant information which may be helpful to solve your current research issues.
Below is flow chart of working process for GIRC:

Choose your area of interest

Select your area of research and complete your registration.

Request Appointment

Write email to GIRC@globalilluminators.org mention your area of interest and short brief of issue faced by you. Mention name of expert you wish to connected and wait for reply.

Get Started

Our dedicated team at GIRC will work on your information and will contact your desired expert or any other relevant expert to your research issue. We will reply you with appointment of time and will connect you to expert.

Besides this, we also hold group discussion panel and other research support panels to help students in solving their research issues. You may suggest or request a special session in your school or university and we will be glad to assist.

Register as Student:

GIRC is a service that provides students the opportunity to obtain advice about their fields from researchers. As the purpose of this clinic is to support Students with their dissertation research, Doctoral, graduate and under Graduate students who have not yet defended their dissertation are able to apply.
Our working areas for research and development are:

  • Physical Life and Applied Sciences
  • Regional and Religious Studies
  • Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Business Management and Economics Studies
  • Health and Medicine Studies
  • Engineering and Technology Studies
  • Social Science and Humanities
Student Online Registration Form
For any further queries related to student registration please contact us at: GIRC@globalilluminators.org

Register as Expert:

Working in collaboration with the research teams, the clinic provides best practice service and opportunity to potential mentors to assist professional teams and help students in solving their problems. It is a great service to society by sharing and caring the knowledge to those who really need it.
• A full CV or work biography, outlining your capabilities and research experience
• Your profile that includes current research projects
• Recent picture
Once you have indicated your interest in volunteering for GIRC, one of our friendly staff will contact you to provide more information about your role as an expert at GIRC.

Facilities To Experts

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Free Membership of Global Illuminators
  • Discount on Registration Fee of Global Illuminators Conferences.

Experts Online Registration Form
If you face any issue in registering as an expert online please send following documents to GIRC@globalilluminators.org