CONFERENCE MAIN THEME: “Promoting Multidisciplinary Academic Research For Sustainable Development and Service To Society”


Dr. Azhari, S.STP., M.Si

Azhari was born on June 10, 1976 in Mawasangka, Indonesia. He is the Rector of Universitas Sembilanbelas November who received an award from MURI with number 6562/r.MURI/VII/2014 as the youngest Chancellor records in Indonesia on 2014.  Though relatively young, but from a number of professional experience in the field of public administration and community service Azhari successfully led the USN Kolaka in three turn of institutional forms.  One of his professional experience as alumni STPDN Azhari was his position as Regent of Kolaka expert staff from 2003-2008.

As academician, Azhari has published more than 20 books and a number of both national and international publications.  As a doctor in the field of public administration, Azhari experts in reviewing the system of bureaucracy.  His publications focused on benchmarking bureaucratic system Indonesia with a number of countries.  At the end of 2009, he completed his dissertation at UGM through a bureaucratic benchmark toward Indonesia and Malaysia; then following by his bechmarking studies of bureaucratic Indonesia and Japan in 2016; as well as he is trying to publish a benchmark study of bureaucratic system Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore at this conference.

One thing is for sure that Azhari through his dissertation had been dared to formulate that te of bureaucratic system in Indonesia is a new bureaucratic system which is not found in any previous theory.  If previously, Carino and his predecessor Marley Fainsoed, Dun Leavy & Olea’vy only emphasizes that in theory bureaucratic systems in the world are basically the only two models namely Executive Ascendancy and Bureaucratic Sublation.  Then later, Azhari upgrade its by added a new model of Executive Ascendency or the Executive or Extreme Personal Ascendency which occurred in Indonesia.