MI-BEST Proceedings




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MI-BEST Proceeding
Volume 2, Pages 1-68
February 23-24, 2016 Manila, Philippines
Edited by Dr. Ahmed Saddam


Volume 1
pp. 1-200 (2015)
Volume 2
pp. 1-68 (2016)
Volume 3
pp. 1-59 (2017)

Preface of proceeding

Track: Business Management & Economic Studies

An Integrated Model for Determining Business Intelligence Systems Adoption and Post-Adoption Benefits in Banking Sector


Pages 1-13
Owusu, Acheampong Said, Aiman Moyaid

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems have been theorised as providing immerse benefits to organisations that adopt them. These benefits include: improved customer satisfaction, improved decision-making process, provision of faster and more accurate reporting, increased revenues and increased competitive advantage. However, there are limited studies on the factors affecting adoption and actual benefits accruing to organisations adopting the system. The main aim of this study is to develop an integrated model for determining BI Systems adoption and post-adoption benefits in banking industry. The proposed model is an integration of the Diffusion of Innovations Theory (DOI), Technology-Organisation-Environment (TOE) Framework, the Institutional Theory (INT), and Kaplan & Norton’s Balance Scorecard (BSC). This model is different from other studies in the context of organisational adoption of BI Systems as it integrates the determinants, and evaluation of the benefits of the technology in one study. There is also a moderator Time since adoption which is use to moderate the impact of the extent of adoption to organisational performance.

Beyond the Chaebols: Modern Case Studies of Successful KOREAN Entrepreneurship


Pages 14-24
Kweku O. Amonoo

The modern South Korean entrepreneur is essentially a byproduct of a confluence of historical, political, and economic events as well as cultural change. The purpose of this paper is to identify and categorize successful Korean entrepreneurial ventures that have emerged in this relatively young democracy. From this analysis, the paper investigates how new venture firms have developed, survive and coexist with large Korean conglomerates, thus forming an alternative industry structure in Korea. The research focus is on the modern Korean entrepreneurial businesses which — despite societal pressure borne by ingrained Confucian principles, an overriding culture of risk-averseness, and the ever-present chaebol factor — succeed in exploiting new venture opportunities. Structurally, this study provides an historical context, profiles a sample group of local entrepreneurs, and identifies four specific models of success. Employing a survey of random entrepreneurs and available secondary research data, profiles of Korea‟s entrepreneur class are presented. The paper suggests that despite the emerging presence of entrepreneurship in Korea, the country has yet to reach the significant levels of new venture activity within its potential. These four success models provide a roadmap of how new, innovative, and dynamic companies can prevail within an economy which is still heavily dominated by the chaebol companies. The paper concludes that in order for higher levels of entrepreneurship, there should be systemic shifts at the cultural, governmental and educational levels.

Track: Social Science & Humanities

Accomplishments in Preventing Crime of Police Officers in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro


Pages 25-29
Bernadeth P. De Guzman

This study determined the status of the accomplishments of the police officer of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro in preventing crime. The survey data gathered employing the self-structured questionnaire revealed that the status of Calapan City Police Station in preventing crime in terms of personnel, firearms, mobility, and investigative paraphernalia was to a high. The accomplishments of Calapan City PNP personnel in preventing crimes in terms of Illegal drug trafficking, illegal gambling and child abuse was high. The issues, kinds and forms of problems encountered by the police officer in their performance used various strategies and approaches that could help to solve the said problems.Thus, the study recommended to implement zero tolerance campaign against all forms of criminals in association with the LGU’s and other government agencies as well as the community. Increase police visibility and conduct patrol on different crime prone areas especially during night time. Acquire new knowledge and equipment’s for the investigation of crimes and also recruit applicants who possessed the second level of eligibility to fit the organization. Also acquire new firearms and other equipment’s for every unit which can be used effectively. Implement the “For Official Use Only” motto in the utilization of government vehicles. Conduct annual nuero-psychiatric test for every PNP members to determine if they are capable to continue their service.

Track: Engineering and Technology Studies

Automation of Existing Motor Controller of Water Pump Station in Western Philippines University, Aborlan, Palawan


Pages 30-43
Romel B. Panis, Efren R. Rocillo


This practicum was conducted from July-September, 2014 to automate the existing motor controller of water pump station in Western Palawan University, Aborlan, Palawan. Motor controller design was based on the needs on how to automate the water pump and how to save electric consumption. Applied research is used in this motor controller design that underwent several revisions and simulation tests to fit its application. Site visits was conducted to gather necessary data for the evaluation of the controller. A different color lamp indicator wa used. A green light was used to indicate running. Yellow lights shows stopped or the tank is full. The red lights and buzzer warns overloaded condition. This motor controller have two operating systems: manual and automatic operations. If the operator set the controller in manual operation then only the operator can turn on-and-off the 3-phase motor. On the other hand, if the operator set the automatic operation then only the liquid level control switch can turn on-and-off the 3-phase motor. In case one of the systems malfunctioned hence one of the systems can be used so there will be no disruption of motor operation. During maintenance of tank, the liquid level control switch can be disconnected. The cost of motor controller was ₱8,629.25 excluding the design, transportation and installation costs. As an outcome of this technique would be important for facilities with existing motor controller with no automatic function like Western Philippines University (WPU) because it offers convenience, safety, economic and efficient operation. Compared to the existing controller with no automatic function the water is always overflowing because of unpredictable time to full the concrete tank while this controller the full tank stops the 3-phase motor. It can also give enough water pressure since the elevation of the tank from the natural gradelline was 12 m.

SNS Metrics Analysis: “A Study on Fanpage Interactive Contents”


Pages 44-50
Zoha Rahman, Kumaran Suberamanian, Hasmah Zanuddin, Sedigheh Moghavvemi, Mohd Hairul Nizam Bin Md Nasir


Social Networking sites are now considered to be an excellent media tool to connect directly with consumers. One of the most noteworthy methods to attach with the consumers through these Social Networking Sites (SNS) is to create a fanpage with brand contents and to post diverse contents on these fanpages. According to different posts or contents placed on the fanpages, consumer responses in different manners. Usually users become fans of particular brand fanpages or put like, comments or keep sharing on particular posts of fanpages.
These types of consumer activities in fanpages reflect brands’ fanpage popularity and brands’ WOM (Word of Mouth) communication. By measuring social networking sites’ effectiveness, corporate houses are now analyzing metrics in terms of calculating engagement rate, number of comments/share and likings in fanpages .So now, it is very important for the marketers to know the effectiveness of different contents or posts of fanpages in order to increase the fan responsiveness and engagement rate in the fan pages. In the study the authors have
analyzed total 1834 brand posts from 13 international brands of Electronics companies. Data of 9 months (From December 2014- August 2015) have been collected for analyses, which are available online from Brand’ fan pages. Study explored the interactive posts from the fan pages and the impact of those contents (Interactive) on the user actions or PTA (People Talking About) metrics. Cross sect ion Data Regression analysis was conducted by EVIEWS 9 software to analyze the non-parametric data.

Track: Physical Life and Applied Sciences

Fishery and Biology of Fishes Caught by Bottom Set Gill Net Fishermen in Gaang, Currimao, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


Pages 51-65
Laureta B. Dulay1, Dumlao, Renato Guzman2, Asia, Facundo Beria


The fishery and biology of fishes caught by bottom set gill net fishermen in Gaang, Currimao, Ilocos Norte was investigated in order to contribute knowledge on the fishery status of bottom set gillnet fishing and for fishery management purposes. The said coastal area has the highest number of bottom set gill netters in the locality. Twenty one bottom set gill netters were the respondents of the study. A total of eleven fish and one invertebrate species were comprised the catch during the study period from August to December 2011. Selar
crumenophthalmus and Rastrelliger kanagurta comprised 64.36% by weight of the total catch. Highest monthly total catch occurred in August and declined thereon because some fishermen shifted to the use of other fishing gears. Average catch per unit effort (CPUE) ranged from 0.53 kg/hr to 0.70 kg/hr. The biology of R. kanagurta, the most dominant species caught, was determined. Females dominated more than twice the males. A considerable proportion of the local stock underwent spawning from September to October. Length at first sexual maturity was estimated at 24.13cm which is way below the average length of catch at 19.0cm. This means that the fishes were caught before sexual maturity. Marine annelids were the most dominant food items of R. kanagurta in terms of number while gastropods were the most abundant in terms of bulk and frequency of occurrence.

Track: Health and Medicine Studies

Analyzing the Effect of Green Tea Leaf Treatment for Hand Contracture: Rct


Pages 66-68
Sonomi Okazawaki, Naoko Hara, Akihiro Hashimoto


The “contracture hand” causes leads to odor, skin breakdown, pain, and infection. Our objectives are to provide exact statistical evidence of superiority of green tea leaf treatment. We carried out Randomized Control Trial (RCT) and examined exact statistical analysis to explain the detail of the green tea leaf treatment. Subjects were randomly assigned to either the intervention group received the green tea treatment (n=22) or control group received ordinary hand roll treatment (n=22). Temperature, humidity, odor intensity, and skin condition of the subjects were measured 3 times at every week during the two-week long trial. 27 (14 in the intervention and 13 in the control), of the 44 subjects, completed the survey at the end. About the state of the skin and the odor, the green tea treatment group was significantly improved than the rolled hand towel group.(p=0.00, p=0.02 respectively) This trial clearly showed that the green tea treatment leads clinically and statistically significant improvement in the hand contracture with foul odor and skin troubles.