“Multidisciplinary Academic Research & Global Innovation”
(MARGI -2017)

Conference Main Theme:“Addressing Global Innovation Challenges for Sustainability & Growth”

TRACK: Business Management & Economics

Introduction to the Track

The purpose of this track is to discuss the development and application of Business Management techniques, including simulation, optimization, and statistical analysis, which can help improve decision making in the area of Business management and Economics.

This track invites both theoretical and applied research papers discussing topics relevant to the concepts related to business, management and economics. Its overall purpose is to provide a dedicated venue for such research to be shared and discussed, and thus to highlight the breadth and depth of efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this area of research. In honor of this year’s conference theme, submissions which consider opportunities to improve decision making by and for a diverse set of stakeholders are particularly welcomed.

Track Topics:

Broadly, the main areas of inquiry include the followings Multidisciplinary areas but not limited to: 

Business law & ethics, Business research methods & teaching-related issues, Growth & innovation, Small business management, Management science & strategic, operational, production management, International business & management, Innovative business models & organizational change, Consumer behavior & marketing, Information science and technology & business information systems, IT governance & e-business, Sustainable development & resource management, Capital resources & financing entrepreneurship, Human resources & healthcare management, Human resource management & education, Public administration & regional development, Rural development & agribusiness, SME development, Tourism & hospitality, Economic development & globalization, Sustainable development & business, Development research & methods, Business, comparative advantages & developing , European union & developing regions, Development aid , Developing countries & global finance crisis consequences, International migration & development, Natural resources & security, Environmental limits to economic development, Indigenous management education, Islamic insurance (Takaful), Any other related areas pertaining to any issue which is related such as finance, accounting, banking, management, marketing, human resource, legal, information technology and religious perspectives. Business informatics, Accounting.