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ITMAR Proceeding
Volume 2, Pages 1-209
October 20-21, 2015 Istanbul Turkey
Edited by Dr. Ahmed Saddam


Volume 1
pp. 1-732 (2014)
Volume 2
pp. 1-209 (2015)
Volume 3
pp. 1-39 (2016)

Preface of proceeding

Track: Business management & Economic Studies

Analysis of Corporate Waqf Model in Malaysia: An Instrument towards Muslim’s Economic Development


Pages 1-9
Siti Sara Binti Ibrahim, AbdHalim Bin Mohd Noor, Sharfizie Binti Mohd Shariff, Nurhanani Aflizan Binti Mohamad Rusli


The permanent nature of waqf results in the accumulation of waqf properties that are devoted to provide capital asset that produce a flow of revenues to serve its objectives. In Malaysia, tremendous potential waqf property (land) is available that could generate a steady stream of income and contribute to the development of Muslim’s economy if it has been managed and invested properly. However, most of that are not given proper attention, resulting in a vast amount of these properties do not yield their greatest benefits to the economy and society. One of the major reasons highlighted by most of State Islamic Religious Councils (SIRCs) in Malaysia was due to insufficient fund and professional to develop those properties. Responding to this issue, corporate waqf model is seen to be the best instrument to develop waqf properties in Malaysia. Thus the study is attempts to discuss on the establishment of corporate waqf model in the in Malaysia which looking at three (3) particular states which are: Federal Territory, Selangor and Johor. The study is using a content analysis method where the selected established model will be analyzed and a comparative analysis also took place in the research method. Then the finding from an analysis also concludes that all established corporate waqf model in Malaysia shown a positive impact towards the development of economy and society however there is still a few elements to be improved which includes the concept, structure, outcome and output from the project developmental process in order to ensure the corporate waqf model will positively contribute to the economy and society.

A Preliminary Study on Human Resource in WaqfInstituitionthe Case of the State of Selangor, Malaysia


Pages 10-20
Sharfizie Binti Mohd Shariff, AbdHalim Bin Mohd Noor, Nurhanani Aflizan Binti Mohamad Rusli, Siti Sara Binti Ibrahim


Effectiveness in human resource plays a crucial role for the success of an organisation, as well for retaining employees. The main objective of this study was to examine the effectiveness of human resource in Selangor Waqf Corporation by highlighting several factors including compensation, training and development and performance appraisal. The data collected were carefully analyzed using descriptive statistics to represent the raw data in a meaningful manner. The results explain that quality is closely linked to the role of compensation, training and development and performance appraisal in producing the effectiveness in human resource. The research findings are significantly important to be understood in order to retain the employees in an organisation and promote job satisfaction among the employees.

The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction between Communicational Skills and Organizational Commitment


Pages 21-29
Mohammad Ehsani, Ali Hemmati Afif


The current study was conducted to explain communicational skill model of teachers. The studied population included all physical educators of Tehran Province during 2012-2013 among which 341 physical educators were selected by stratified random sampling as samples. A survey methodology was used to execute the study as well as a field method to collect data. Data collection tool was communicational skills, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction inventory. Formal validity and content validity of questionnaires were obtained by college professors and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, respectively, and reliability obtained by Cronbach’s alpha was >0.90. To analyze data considering conceptual model, the study used path analysis test, Pearson, measurement model and structural equation modeling. KMO index and Bartlett test were used to measure model fitness (KMO>0.6; P<0.001; in three inventories). Finally, the model was fitted to data in two parts, measurement model and structural model. The results by 99% confidence indicate that there is a significant relationship between communicational skills (feedback, verbal, listening) and organizational commitment and job satisfaction of educators; as well, job satisfaction is a factor to explain organizational commitment.


Cross Cultural Comparative Study of Corporate Culture between Taiwan and Vietnam


Pages 30-38
Massoud Moslehpour, Van Kien Pham, İsmail Bilgiçli, Van Huynh Nguyen


The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare corporate culture differences between Taiwan and Vietnam. The concept of corporate culture is adopted from Trompenaars and Turner’s four types of corporate culture. Trompenaars and Turner (2012) categorized corporate culture into four main types: the Family, the Eiffel Tower, the Guided Missile and the Incubator. The ANOVA approach is employed to describe and analyze the collected data. A total of 477 employees from public and private corporate sectors in Taiwan and Vietnam participated in this study. Out of 477 respondents 246 are Taiwanese and 231 are Vietnamese. The competing value framework (CVF) (Cameron & Quinn, 2006) is the main reference for developing the questionnaire. The results of the study show that there are significant differences in corporate cultures between Taiwan and Vietnam on three out of four aspects of corporate culture introduced in this study.

Track: Social Sciences and Humanities

Outdoor Learning in the School Grounds: A Study of Proposed Additional Outdoor Classrooms for Primary Schools Using Pbl Approach in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Pages 39-44
Maheran Yaman, Fadzidah Abdullah, Rashidi Othman, ZainulMukrim Baharuddin, MohdRamziMohd Hussain


This study is about opportunities for the use of outdoor classrooms in tropical climates, such as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It investigates the possible advantages of teaching and learning school subjects at primary level, in outdoor classrooms in Malaysia, using the outdoor environment to improve student comfort levels and to provide enhanced learning opportunities. Such as the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Preliminary investigations of hypothetical post occupancy evaluations and thermal comfort studies have shown positive results for outdoor classrooms in ‘heat island’ urban areas such as Kuala Lumpur. The paper also considers the economic benefits of reduced building costs. This paper reports on the ongoing research towards possible improvements to the ‘indoor exam orientated’ school system in tropical countries like Malaysia.

The Analysis of Internet Crimes in Jurisprudence and Islamic Law


Pages 45-52


Nowadays we face a technological revolution, modern age, technology age, data collection, processing and distribution of data and computer. World of computer in short time had observed lots of innovations and developments. On the other hand, it changed to a field of committing crimes. Crime can be committed in any environment and any condition. Since it’s not easily possible to recognize identity of people on the internet, it’s not hard for computer specialists to commit computer crimes such as violating private information, illegal wiretapping, internet espionage, theft and fraud and any crime and violation of law can be committed on this space. This article, apart from referring to the concept of security as a natural right and need, is going to analyze internet crimes based on jurisprudence and Islamic point of view. Then, crimes such as desecration, insult to Muslims, and illegal search will be analyzed.

Positive Factors Influencing Students’ Speaking Skill: Exploring the EFL Teachers’ Perspective


Pages 53-58
Marjan Moiinvaziri, NajmehVahiidpou

Today English has become the international language serving as a lingua franca even among those countries where their native language is not English. However, communication cannot take place without speech. For having a smooth conversation running, the speakers of the language need to have training and practice. Considering the importance of speech and speaking in language learning, this study has tried to explore the factors that could have a positive effect on the students’ speaking skill from the viewpoint of 20 female English teachers, teaching in language institutes of Sirjan, Iran. The results showed that the participants considered three factors including having self-confidence, a suitable learning environment, and considerable knowledge of vocabulary as the most positive influential factors in the development of EFL learners’ speaking skill.

Who is My Family?A Comparative Study on The Family Boundary in East Asia


Pages 59-73
Seok Eun, Seung-Jae An, Baeg Eui Hong


This paper aims to explore the family boundary in East Asian Countries. Most Asian countries are regarded as one of the Confucian countries even though each country has its own historical and cultural background. Thus, little is known how people in different Asian countries perceive their family boundaries. This study is an attempt to compare the perception on the family using Asian Family Index data in three East Asian countries, China, Japan and Korea.We have examined the family perception of people in three East Asian countries and found substantial differences among three countries. First, in terms of family membership boundary, Chinese showed widest and paternally extended family perception. People in Korea included almost equal numbers in family with China, but their family perception developed bilaterally. In contrast with two countries, People in Japan perceived only blood tied, intimate relations as a family member. In addition, the family perception did not show substantial difference between the genders in Japan as well as China, but South Korea showed difference between males and females. Males perceived family boundary much more widely than females. This phenomenon implies that women have greater family burden than men in Korea. Considering the heterogeneity in family perceptions in three East Asian countries, this paper tries to explain how social institutions interact with individuals and give impacts on their family perception. Finally, this paper concludes that it is inappropriate to tie the three East Asian countries as ‘Confucian civilizations’ in terms of family perception.

Estimation of Marine and Harbor Activity Influence on the Environment of Coastal Local Municipalities for Controlling and Forecast of the Pollution Level


Pages 74-82
Gogoberidze George, Lednova Julia, Dikinis Alexander


Use the method of Human Impact Assessment (HIA) for coastal local municipalities allows evaluating the nature-ecological state / environmental situation of coastal local municipality, estimate the marine and harbor activity influence on the environment, given an opportunity to show the hierarchy of municipalities and determining the HIA, vulnerability and its opportunity for future development. In the paper the indicator method of HIA estimation for coastal local municipalities and its main assumptions are formulated, including the task of controlling and forecast of the pollution level of the coastal local municipalities. Due to the HIA analysis the list of factors of estimation of the nature-ecological state / environmental situation of coastal local municipality was obtained. For each selected factor the method of indicator value calculation, as well as the calculation of value of the integrative indicator of the nature-ecological state for coastal local municipality (or HIA estimation value for coastal local municipalities) as average of indicators, is proposed. Application of the method is considered for coastal local municipalities of the Eastern Gulf of Finland. Based on the indicators and integrative indicator values recommendations to reduction of human impact as well as marine and harbor activity influence, for controlling and forecast of the pollution level for coastal local municipalities are made.

Track: Engineering and Technology Studies

Survey of Adsorption of Impurities from Deep Wells Water by Pistachio Tree Wastes


Pages 83-86
Saman Hajmohammadi, Sohrab Hajmohammadi

Agricultural waste, which includes both natural (organic) and non-natural wastes, is a general term used to describe waste produced on a farm through various farming activities.Due to limited water resources, especially in desert regions, the importance of the water crisis in Iran and restoring the water, in addition to groundwater and surface water pollution from industrial wastewater pollutants, finding effectives environmental and economic solutions to remove these materials from water resources is essential. In this regard, using low price agricultural wastes such as bark and shell of oil seeds such as soybean, rice, pistachios, and so on, they can be very helpful due to their low prices, availability and strong affinity with metals. Although its affinity may be less than the commercial chelating resins, but their prices are much cheaper. The use of cheap agricultural wastes to remove pollutants(such as Mg2+,Ca2+,Fe2+,…) from deep well water can be very helpful in order to reuse these waters as agriculture and even drinking water and reduce the risk of water crisis in the country. These low price wastes are available frequently and they are much cheaper than ion exchange resins. In this study, the pistachio tree waste, such as leaves, bark, sawdust and wood nuts are used to reduce the concentration and the removal of polution in the water.

Production of Synthesis Gas by Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste Via Dry Reforming of Methane


Pages 87-94
Muhammad Usman, Wan MohdAshriBin Wan Daud


Global warming issue generated by greenhouse gases (GHG, majorly CH4 and CO2) from various sources (fossil fuel burning, landfill, and power generation) has urged researchers to search for sustainable solutions to attenuate or suppress these emissions. Dry reforming of methane process utilizes these two major greenhouse gases, however, the process hampered by carbon deposition. This study focuses on the preparation of Ni nanoparticle and support Ni/MgO catalysts by microemulsion assisted synthesis. The study of different synthesis parameters depicted that higher surface area and smaller Ni nanoparticles will be obtained at lower water content due to their small microemuslion droplet size. The addition of MgO support to the microemulsion system leads to the drastic reduction in particles size and provides protective shell as depicted by TEM analysis. XRD analysis for pure NiO, MgO and NiO/MgO reveals the formation of a mild type of NiO-MgO solid solution formation. H2-TPR results indicate the lower reduction of NiO/MgO catalysts due to the lower free NiO available compared to pure NiO catalysts. Higher catalytic activity of supported catalysts was dedicated to its higher surface, smaller particle size and a strong metal-support interaction compared to Ni nanoparticles.

The Possibility of Using Activated Carbon Derived from Brachystegia Tree Wood as a Dioxin Adsorbent in Plastic Waste Incineration


Pages 95-105
Zvidzayi John Mangosuthu, Hapazari Innocent

Developing nations are thriving to acquire adequate energy resources. This has called for a dire need for renewable energy resources from large streams of waste plastic from developed nations to Africa, Asia and Southern America. The waste has high calorific values and can be used as fuels for industrial and domestic purposes. Under certain incinerating conditionsharmful organic compounds such as polychlorinated dioxins and furans are produced and found in the flue gases of thermal processing plants.Although Smart Mechanical combustion systems are available for large scale incineration, these are not economically feasible fordomestic users who need cheaper and readily available cleansing materials. The papers present an experimental/analytical evaluation of the adsorption capabilities of an economically appropriateactivated carbon that is derived from an indigenous brachystegia tree. The tree isavailable in the tropical Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania where it has various names such as Musasa, Mtondo, Zebrawood to mention but a few. Large forests of this tree are available in farms, Nature conservation and forests in most parts of Zimbabwe. The paper provides a solution to the pollution problems emanating from plastic waste incineration.The results obtained from laboratory tests carried out on halogenated plastics are used to determine the efficiency of dioxin-sorption in a fluidized bed of activated carbon in question. The activated carbon bed was found to have an efficiency of ranging from 87% to 99% compared to 84% to 94% for the activated carbon already on the market. The results showed a range of 82 to 94.1percent efficiency for chlorine based plastic waste such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The second method used activated carbon that is reinforced with ammonia. An improvement in the adsorption ability was revealed.

Comparison of Energy Recovery Processes for Plastic Waste in Southern Africa


Pages 106-116
Zvidzayi John, Hapazari Innocent

The demand for energy by industry and domestic operations is increasing whilst the fossil fuel reserves are dwindling day by day. People and nearly all industries consume energy 24hrs a day. On the other hand the volume of plastic waste is also increasing. Plastics have high calorific values from which we can tap energy but at the end of their service life they are disposed without recovering energy. Some plastic waste disposal methods bury it in the ground at dump sites whilst others burn it without recovering energy as part of municipal solid waste. Both methods contaminate the environment. Incinerating plastic waste produces toxic chemicals that pollute the atmosphere forming acid rain if the atmosphere is moist. The waste buried in the ground does not undergo biologically decomposition but remain in the ground until it is exposed when construction excavations are taking place. The study reviews the three methods of transforming plastic waste into energy namely incineration, pyrolysis and plasma arc gasification. Each method is evaluated to establish whether it is eco-friendly or not.

The Viscoelastic Behaviour of Epoxidized Natural Rubber Modified Asphalt


Pages 117-125
Ramez Al-Mansob, Amiruddin Ismail, NurIzzi Yusoff, IsmaelShaban Albrka, ShojaeiMujtaba Baghini, CheHusna Azhari, Mohamed Rehan Karim

In recent years, the increase of traffic levels as well as tyre pressure, the larger and heavier trucks and the new axle designs resulting in the need to enhance the performance of asphalt material as well as asphalt mixes. However, better understandings of the behaviours and properties of asphalt, couples with greater development in technology, have allowed paving technologists to examine the benefits of introducing additives and modifiers. Polymer is the most popular modifier used to improve the performance of asphalt mix. This study was conducted to investigate the rheological properties of epoxidized natural rubber modified asphalt (ENRMA). Various viscoelastic parameters such as storage modulus, loss modulus, and phase angle considered to investigate the viscoelastic behaviour of ENRMA’s. It was observed that the rheological properties differ considerably between the base asphalt and ENRMAs. The rheological parameters of storage modulus, loss modulus and phase angle indicate that the presence of ENR increases the stiffness and the elasticity behaviour of binder particularly at high temperatures.

New Design of Low-Head Hydro Turbine for Small-Scale Hydro Power Plant


Pages 126-134
Marat B. Koshumbaev, YerzhanAsem Anuarkyzy

The main environmental impact associated with global climate change of the Earth – the green house effect is mainly caused by mining, processing and burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas. Kazakhstan is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the relativegreenhouse gas emission rate per unit of gross domestic product, Kazakhstan takes the first place in the world, as reported by the International Energy Agency. The country takes the twenty-third place in the world on absolute GHG emissionsand is the third among the CIS countries. The large amount of emissions is due to the predominant use of low-grade coal in Kazakhstan’s energy sector and the lack of implementation of alternative sources of energy.

Can SRTM Digital Elevation Model be Improved with Egm08?


Pages 135-140
EmelZeray Öztürk1*, R. Alpay Abbak

In recent years there has been a requirement to Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with high accuracy and current for scientific applications, economical and defense domains in all over the world. Besides high accurateness, it is aimed at being minimum cost for using the DEM in the most efficient way. Thus its usage will become more widespread and it will make applications more practical. In 2000, NASA put the SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) into practice in order to produce the DEM which was the most current and extensive model up to the date. Endeavour, which was launched by NASA within the scope of that project, surveyed the land areas between 60° north and 57° south latitudes during eleven days. By this way 1˚ × 1˚ cell forms was obtained with data which have 30 m resolution (90 m for outside of United States).In this study EGM96, vertical datum of SRTM, was replaced by EGM08 and the new DEM was compared with the former SRTM DEM by means of DGPS data. According to the results, although approximately 30 cm improvement has been provided on most of the routes, there are slight improvements on a few routes. As a result, it is suggested that the present version of SRTM DEM not only can be used comfortably in geodetic applications, but also it can satisfy the requirements in the other geosciences.

Theoretical and Experimental Researches on Development of New Construction of Wind-Driven Generator with Flux Concentrator


Pages 141-145
Koshumbayev Marat,Yerzhan Assem, Myrzakulov Bakhytzhan, Kvasov Peter

Subject of research is new construction of wind-driven generator with flux concentrator. Tasks to research air flow motion in swirling wind turbine, to develop the methodology of wind turbine calculation and determination of its capacity with initial and boundary conditions are stated in the article. In the process of work literature, patent review and analysis of mathematical methods of existing hydro turbine constructions were made. As a result of researches calculation methods of wind turbine and determination of its capacity with initial and boundary conditions were developed. Also experimental stand was made. Main constructive and technical and operational characteristics: concentrator’s convergent channels are curvilinear in view and are described by logarithmic dependence. The novelty of construction consists in flow’s concentrator with curvilinear convergent channels, which are tangentially connected with ventilation pipe.

Multilevel Multithreshold Decoding of Self-Orthogonal Codes for High-Speed Communications


Pages 146-149
Nurlan Tashatov, Dina Satybaldina, Natalya Grinchenko, Van Toan Cao, Gennady Ovechkin

Multilevel multithreshold decoders (MMTD) for self-orthogonal error-correcting codes are considered. Recent advances in the field of error-correcting coding, which are used in various high-speed communication channels, are presented, as well as new opportunities decoders of the same type for use in optical networks. The SER performance of MMTD is shown to be close to the results provided by optimum total search methods. The performance of the concatenated coding schemes (a parallel and series-parallel concatenation of several MMTD) is presented. Recommendation on selecting the best algorithm for decision block and the best parameters for decoders is given. New methods for MMTD performance improving at the expense of better usage of decoded bits reliability with decision block are proposed.

Study on the Performance Enhancement of Fast Active RFID using Simulation


Pages 150-153
Sarimah Ismail, HamediMohd Adnan

To enhance the performance of 2.4GHz multi-tag active RFID we have proposed following things: 1) simplified collection and Ack using query command, 2) modified Schoute’s method to determine optimal number of tags in each frame, and 3) low frequency wake-up technology. To evaluate the performance of the proposed system we develop the simulation model. Varying the number of tags in the system we obtain the performance measures such as throughput, recognition time for multi-tags, tag recognition rate during a given time, and current consumption, which are compared with those of the current standard ISO/IEC 18000-7 and show a significant improvement.

The Hydrodynamic Characterization of a Yield Stress Fluid in Stirred Tanks Generated By Simple and Double Helical Ribbons. University of SFAX, Tunisia


Pages 154-163
Amel Gammoudi, Abdelhak Ayadi, Mounir Baccar

The objective of this paper is to characterize the hydrodynamic behavior of yield stress fluids within a cylindrical agitated vessel equipped with simple (SHR) and double (DHR) helical ribbon stirrers by means of numerical simulation approach. For this purpose, a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation using the 3D finite volume technique has been carried out to solve the continuity and momentum equations. In this study, we have analyzed the Oldroyd (Od) and Reynolds (Re) numbers effects on the hydrodynamic behavior and the power number (Po) for the two mentioned stirrers types. Hence, velocity field, dissipation function and apparent viscosity have been presented in (r-z) and (r-θ) planes.

Track: Health and Medicine Studies

The Study of Achievement Motivation in Neurotic and Psychosomatic Disorder


Pages 164-171
Leonid Burlachuk, Nadezhda Zhiyenbayeva, Olga Tapalova


This paper highlights results of research and analysis of achievement motivation’s patterns at neurotic and psychosomatic disorders. Interest to research of this medical-psychological problem is connected with goals of changing of motivation’s pathological patterns among this group of individuals. The research sample included 65 respondents of psychotherapeutic department. The study was conducted using the following methods: test by Hekhauzen; test “Diagnostics of motivational structure of personality” by Milman, questionnaires “Big Five” Obtained results of research show that neuroses in people are the result of internal conflict and anxiety.

Discussion of the Canbay Hypotheses in Terms of the Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis Disease


Pages 172-184
Canbay Cahit


In this study, it is aimed to show that the etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) disease is dielectrophoretic force (DEP) in brain. Meanwhile, it is explained that MS is not a disease which is caused by the immune system and genetics. In this context, the breakdown mechanism of the blood brain barrier (BBB) has been explained by the interaction of the myelin basic protein (MBP) with the particles separated from T cells by the dielectrophoretic force effect on the BBB, the myelin and the particles. The radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) is the major clue on the understanding of the Canbay hypotheses on the etiology of MS disease and is also the very last link of the chain. In fact, although the RIS concept is not correct concept or approach, it is a useful argument for understanding of the etiology of MS in the direction of the Canbay hypotheses. Here, the specific absorption rate concept (SAR) and Clausius-Mossotti equation for the myelin basic proteins (MBP) in the white, gray matter and the cerebrospinal fluid has been used to explain the cause of RIS. The studies made by the author about the etiology of the multiple sclerosis disease in terms of the DEP-MS-RIS-BBB and the other connections have strengthened the belief that is to be a correct idea about the understanding of the etiology of MS disease.The RIS-MRI-MS-BBB connections are the most important experimental evidences confirming the close connection between MS and dielectrophoretic force. It is impossible to understand the etiology of MS disease by making observation, by hand examination, and by using the active, passive animal experiments without taking into account of the dielectrophoretic force. A method, which is applied in conjunction with drug therapy, will solve the problem of MS. The author’s hypotheses supported by the scientific approaches and evidences show that the MS disease has become more understandable of thanks to the MRI and RIS.

Track: Physical Life and Applied Sciences

Synthesis, Characterization and in Silico Studies of Piper done Derivatives and its Potential as Dengue Protease Inhibitor


Pages 185-192
Nor Hashima Idris, Hasnah Osman, EzatulEzleen Kamarulzaman, Habibah A. Wahab

Series of novel heterocyclic compounds comprising piperidone derivatives moieties have been successfully synthesized in our groups. The synthesis of heterocyclic compounds were important in medicinal chemistry as it has diverse pharmacological activities. Thus, the aims of this study are to synthesize several new piperidone derivatives and its potential as inhibitors towards currently fatal disease, Dengue Virus. The synthesized compounds were fully characterized by FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR spectroscopic and elemental analysis. The compounds were virtually screened against DENV2 NS2B-NS3 protease from Wilchapong homology model structure through molecular docking studies using AutoDock 4.2.5 to disclose the binding interaction mechanism and the orientation of the compounds. Compounds 5 and 10 were observed to have lowest binding affinity towards the protease -11.06 kcal/mol and -11.36 kcal/mol, respectively and having interaction with the essential amino acid residues, His51, Asp75 and Ser135 in the catalytic triad. The other compounds were exhibited good energy binding when compared to the crystal structure of the model. The selected compounds (5 and 10) were then verified for inhibition activity assays towards DENV2 NS2B-NS3 protease by using fluorogenic substrate Boc-Gly-Arg-Arg-MCA. Both compounds contain p-NO2 at the aromatic rings showed high activity against the protease with IC50 value of 15.22 µM and 16.23 µM, respectively. Thus, it can be concluded that from the study that piperidone derivatives serve as potential inhibitor to inhibit the viral replication of DENV2 NS2B-NS3 protease.

Denial of Service Detection Using Stepping Stone Detection Method in Internet Control Message Protocol Attack


Pages 193-201
NurIzham Subri, MohdNizam Omar, Roshidi Din, Angela Amphawan

The Denial of Service (DoS) attack is an imminent threat that still exists. DoS attack is meant to disrupt the services provided by a server to make it stop from providing the services to the networks. This attack is actually an attack conducted by vast amount of host that send packet in order to overwhelm the victim with request that need to be processes. The objective of this study is to detect DoS attack by using Stepping Stone Detection (SSD) method. The methodology that would be used in this study is the six stages methodology. First stage is the analysis stage where it is used to have better understanding of the situation and the problems. Second stage is the stage where the instrument preparation is conducted. This is where the tools needed will be installed or developed. Third stage is the design stage where the conceptual design of the experiment and the testbed is designed. Fourth stage is the experiment stage where actual experiment is conducted based on the third stage design and using second stage instruments. The fifth stage is the data collection stage where it will be use simultaneously when the experiment conducted to collect all the data or network traffic to be used later. Finally, the sixth stage is the evaluation stage where the data is process and compared to come out with meaningful results. The expected results for this experiment are the high detection rate and the responses time in detecting DoS attack. As a conclusion, this study acts as the preliminary study in SSD method and shows the capability of this method.

Information Support for Environmental Monitoring of the World Ocean and Russian Arctic Regions


Pages 202-209
Shatrova Olga, Gogoberidze George, Bubynin Mikhail, Vladimirova Galina, Biryukova Anna

Insufficient information about the state of ecological systems and the level of anthropogenic impact lead to environmental degradation and reduction of the level of regional economic development. Networking and information component of ecological monitoring of the World ocean, including the coastal zone, using the methods of Environment Impact Assessment, as a component in the evaluation of the efficiency level of economic development, will contribute to the correct development of the concept of sustainable development of the territory taking into account regional specificities. The main aim of the paper and work is the development of the concept and system of information and analytical support for monitoring and analysis of the environment of the World ocean, including the coastal zone in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The general concept of information support of environmental monitoring in the Russian Arctic coastal regions is considered on the basis of the national development strategy of the Russian Arctic and international cooperation. The Ministry of education and science of Russia provided financial support for this research with the state order 2015/166, project NM3658.