(ETAR – 2017)

Conference Main Theme: “Role of Multidisciplinary Innovation For Sustainability and Growth Policy”

Prof. Dr. Steffen Backert


Prof. Dr. Steffen Backert, Microbiologist & Faculty member of Friedrich Alexander University in Germany.
Prof. Dr. Steffen Backert is a full professor since 2008 and faculty member at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen in Germany. He is also the head of the Erlangen Center of Infection Research (ECI). Prof. Dr. Backert’s group is working in the field of Microbial Pathogenesis for more than 20 years. His major research interest is the investigation of molecular signaling pathways during host-pathogen interactions in enteric infections such as that of Helicobacter pylori and Campylobacter jejuni bacteria. They focus on the identification and characterization of new bacterial virulence factors, which could represent potential novel targets for therapeutic intervention of important gut diseases in humans. Prof. Dr. Backert obtained 5 patents in medicine. He has published 5 books, 194 scientific papers in internationally recognized journals and gave more than 160 lectures at research conferences worldwide. His scientific work received more than 6,000 citations and the Hirsch factor is 43. He had supervised 15 PhD and 14 Master theses in the field.

Dr Vannie Naidoo


Dr Vannie Naidoo is a Management Graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her PHD research focused on developing strategies for closing the gaps in service quality at UKZN, one of the top five tertiary university’s in South Africa. Dr Naidoo is teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of KwaZulu- Natal. She is presently supervising and has supervised many PHD and Masters students from SA and neighbouring African countries.
Her research interests include service quality in higher education, hospitals, airline industry and government, gender in the workplace, strategy, marketing, education, entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability. Her current research focus is on ICT’s in higher education, E-learning, E-learning in language, Digitalisation in the workplace and ICT’s for the disabled.
Dr Naidoo has published articles and book chapters in various international and national journals and publishers. As a strategist Dr Naidoo believes in opening the mind to contemporary thinking to use innovative methods to improve productivity, service quality and overall efficiencies within business in the management arena. She is an active member of Global Illuminators family and playing a vital role in research community development across the globe. Her research ICT for disabled is very much alligned with the vision of global illuminators scholarly family.