Individual Scholar Membership Form

Benefits associated with membership of Global Illuminators (GI):

  • To be engaged in national &international research projects of GI as a trainer / consultant/ researcher based on your area of expertise.
  • Opportunity to be a part of GI worldwide network of scholars & researchers.
  • Writing and publishing Blogs on GI website for the scholarly service of humanity.
  • 10% membership discount on all upcoming trainings / workshops / conferences organized by GI.
  • Honor to recommend up to 5 people for all GI skill development programs for the referral discount (up to 5 %).
  • Honor to be invited in all social networking activities, dinners, organized by GI.
  • This membership is free of cost and aims to build a global network of researchers. So if you are motivated to join please fill in the consent form below.

Membership Form

Membership Form


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For any further queries related to membership please contact: Dr. Tariq Iqbal Khan
Note: Your membership ID will be emailed to you after processing