“Multidisciplinary Trends in Academic Research”
(MTAR- 2016)

Conference Date:  September 29-30, 2016
Venue: Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, Bangkok Thailand

Call for Panels

Conference Main Theme: “Multidisciplinary Academic Research for Betterment of Society”.

Through this theme we will  discuss the “Theoretical and Analytical Issues in Business & Economics Research

Call for Panel Proposals


Important Information:

  1. Please submit your panel proposal  to mtar@globalilluminators.org.
  2. Panels will generally be 1 hour in duration. Time should be included for audience participation.
  3. All participants must be registered for the overall MTAR-2016 conference.
  4. Please use the contents below for your panel proposal.
  5. In case of further clarification or any assistance required before completing the proposal you  can email at mtar@globalilluminators.org.

At least the moderator and two other panelists must be registered for the conference, so work on the schedule and proceedings can begin.

MTAR-2016, Panel Proposal must include the following information:

  1. Title: Title of your panel
  2. Aims and Objectives of the Panel: Explain why such a panel is relevant to MTAR and to the Theme of MTAR.  (Max 5-10 lines)
  3. Occurrence/Novelty: Please describe either past instances or the novelty of new ventures here. (Max 10 lines)
  4. Description: Use this to clarify scope, audience and focus. Give aims and objectives for your panel here. This will become the “abstract” for the proceedings and program. (Max 20-25 lines)
  5. Event Structure/Agenda: Describe what organizers and participants will do during the panel.  E.g., will there be a series of fixed presentations and then discussion, and/or will the moderator ask questions to which first the panelists and then the audience may respond. What are the main questions you would ask? (Max 20 lines).
  6. Panel  Members: List all names, affiliations, and emails of all anticipated panel participants, and state if they have accepted the invitation to participate should the panel be accepted.  Include the moderator/organizer.
  7. Qualifications of panelists: Briefly describe your and your fellow panelists’ backgrounds and qualifications/ areas of expertise  in the related research/practitioner domain.