Conference Main Theme: “Role of Multidisciplinary Innovation For Sustainability and Growth Policy”

Dr-balachBalachandra S. Sayapathi (Ph.D)

Dr Balachandar S. Sayapathi is a Senior Principal Assistant Director of Occupational and Environmental Health Section at the Sarawak State Health Department. Dr Balachandar initially attained the bachelor degree, MBBS. Subsequently, he obtained his degrees on Master (MPH) and Doctoral (DrPH). He also attained MFOM from Ireland. He was then inducted to the Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia. He also acquired Fellowship (FAGE) and Certified Medical Independent Assessor (CMIA). He is registered as an Occupational Health Doctor with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. In 2008, in recognition of his services, he was conferred the Excellence Service Award by the Sarawak Health Department. He also attained the Best Session Presentation Award from the International Conference on Global Trends in Academic Research 2014 and International Conference on Innovation Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research & Practice 2013. He had also chaired sessions in the International Conferences. He has affiliations to various organizations such as the Royal College of Physicians Ireland, Malaysian Society of Occupational Health Physicians, Malaysian Society of Hypertension, Malaysian Medical Association and also Malaysian Diabetes Association (Serian Division).

During his earlier stint, he served at various government hospitals. He previously held office as the Director of Hospital Serian, Chairman of Safety and Health Committee of Hospital Serian, Chairman of Infection Control Committee included Needle Stick and Sharp Injury Committee of Hospital Serian, Chairman of Ethical Committee of Hospital Serian and also Chairman of Quotation Committee of Hospital Serian. His areas of expertise are Occupational Medicine, Medical Review Officer, The effectiveness of applying different permissible exposure limits in preserving hearing threshold level among automobile industry workers and also Public Health Medicine. Dr Balachandar has published numerous academic papers in ISI-cited journals and as Conference papers. He has also presented several oral and poster presentations at the International Conferences.